There are many times we hear dog-handlers saying that they feed their dog from the same food they make for their own. Unfortunately, the fact is they don’t know that this kind of “diet” is going to harm dogs’ health.

Dogs’ saliva do not contain amylase. Amylase contained in saliva is a characteristic that vegetarian and omnivores have, but not carnivores such as dogs.

As far as amylase is not contained to their saliva, pancreas has to do all the work, that means to produce the enzyme which is necessary for the carbohydrates’ decomposition.

When feeding your dog as vegetarian and omnivores, pancreas is forced to work harder for the digestion of the food that is full of carbohydrates (instead of producing the necessary enzyme quantity needed for the proteins and fats digestion).
Other food forbidden to our dog:

Milk: After taking a puppy away from his mother, it is advisable to not feed them with milk, that’s because many animals have intolerance to lactose and start having diarrheas..

Chocolate:  Chocolate includes a toxic-for the animals- substance, thiobromine which causes vomiting, diarrheas, serious heart problems and problems to nervous system, it can be deadly

Alcohol:  Causes serious problems to the nervous system and heart problems.

Onions:  Onions are toxic and cause the destruction of red blood cells.

  Caffeine: Causes vomiting and heart problems.

Bones: Digestive system can be injured.

Above there are some reasons why we should get advice from veterinarians for the diet of our favorite dog, so we can always provide them the best.