Pre-training is the base for a puppy to grow up and get socialized in the right way.

When a puppy is taken from his/her pack and comes into the human pack, everything is new and looks strange to him/her, so the effort to understand what’s going on starts, so the problems begin.

Our favorite pet bites everything, soils everywhere and has no idea why everyone treats him so strange, why they discipline him/her when eating slippers, why nobody understands what he/she wants when crying, what means “come” everybody is telling him and why everybody is petting him.

Every dog has his own character so we cannot criticize his behavior only by the breed he belongs to.

Essentially, through pre-training, the dog handler understands puppy’s behavior and helps puppy to understand the rules of the new home.   

The pre-training is offered for puppies up to 6 months without being obliged to go to training and is free offered if you participate group pre-training